Food Education Resources

On this page, you will find free resources on a range of food education topics. 

Resources created by us:

  • Food & Climate Change
  • Growing
  • Cooking
  • Foraging

External resources:

a variety of resources on growing, composting, cooking and other food-related activities by other organisations


Resources created by us

Please feel free to download and use any of these resources. You can share and use them elsewhere as long as you credit GCFN.

Food and Climate Change:

Climate Crumbs - Climate Crumbs is a training session we have developed for education providers and community organisations to learn how to integrate climate conversations into cooking and growing sessions. If you are interested in attending a free Climate Crumbs training session with us, contact us at [email protected]

Climate Crumbs Cooking - How to talk about climate when cooking

Climate Crumbs Growing - How to talk about climate when growing

Food and Climate Change - What is it all about? - a handout introducing how climate change and the food system are connected


Seasonal Scottish Diet Hand Out - A handout on seasonal and local food in Scotland

Resources from our Cooking for Resilience Group, led by our Food & Climate Action Community Activator Jackie in Blackhill:

  • Recipes:

Cf R Airfryer Chicken Kebab Recipe

Cf R Apple Dessert Cake Recipe

Cf R Banana Loaf Recipe

Cf R Cobbler Recipe

Cf R Greek Salad Dressing For Kebabs Recipe

Cf R Grilled Greek Chicken Kebabs Recipe

Cf R Healthy Salmon Pasta Recipe

Cf R Homemade Burger Recipe

Cf R Homemade Doner Kebab Recipe

Cf R Kebabs Info Sheet

Cf R Minestrone Soup Recipe

Cf R Potato Scone Recipe

Cf R Shepherds Pie Recipe

Cf R Veg Halloumi Kebabs Recipe

Cf R Veggie Shepherds Pie Recipe

Cf R Yoghurt Chicken Kebab Recipe

Cf R Yorkshire Puddings Recipe

Bulking Up Minced Meat

  • Resources:

Cf R Energy Saving Info Sheet

Eatwell Guide

Conversion Charts

Cost Of Cooking Appliances

Complex Food System Image

Energy Saving Myth Busting

Food Saving Actions

Food Waste Images Task

Food Waste Quiz

Food We Waste In Scotland

Diamond Ranking Food Waste Task

Healthy Eating Quiz Cookery Group

Local Food System Image


Getting Started with Growing Food Hand Out - A handout introducing some ways to get started with growing your own food

The Benefits of Gardening - An article on the benefits of gardening for older adults.  


Summer Foraging In Glasgow - a handout introducing some plants to forage around Glasgow in the Summer

Autumn Foraging In Glasgow - a handout introducing some plants to forage around Glasgow in the Summer

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External resources

These resources were created by other organisations and groups. If you have any food-related resources that you would like us to list on here, please get in touch at [email protected]

Cost of Living Guide, featuring Glasgow Community Food Network, designed as a signposting tool for all HSCP and 3rd Sector services working within local communities, helping direct citizens within Glasgow to the right supports for them. Contact Shona Rae at [email protected] with any updates.

Nurturing Integration Through Resilience & Hope, Growing & Cooking Recipe Book by Freedom From Torture and Urban Roots

How To Grow From Food Leftovers With Arabic Translations Booklet by Empower Women for Change and Faith in Community Scotland

Community Cafe resources by Mary Sinclair (GCFN Director) in her role as Health & Community Food Coordinator at Senscot.

How to make Hot Compost All Year Round by Angus Farquhar of Kelvindale Growers in Glasgow:

Climate Change Club in a Box by Young Climate Warriors: Award winning, ready-to-use, off-the-shelf, zero cost 'Climate Change Club' Series of ten sessions that can be used as an ‘after-school club’ or for ‘eco council’ meetings.

The Urban Worm: Resources on composting with worms

The Compost Connection: How to guides on different composting related subjects

Highland Community Composting Resource: resource for communities in the Highlands that are interested in starting or further developing community composting projects

Zero Waste Scotland Guide on how to get started with composting

Gardening on a Budget by envii

Your Body Matters Promotional Video - NHS GGC