Castlemilk Gardening Association

Type of Organisation: Charity

Address: Kings Park Depot 355 Carmunock Road G44 5HL

Tel: 07939242413


The charity was set up in 1988 to "develop the community through the provision of recreational horticultural activities and advance the education of the public in Castlemilk and its wider environs." The organisation provides support and facilities for local people, some of whom may be older, frail or have disabilities, to participate in and extend their knowledge of horticulture. It provides social interaction for those who might otherwise be excluded or isolated and also works towards the relief of poverty by supporting individuals to grow their own food crops.

Skills and resources

Skills and resources I/we can share

We fortunately have the se of an area in Kings Park which includes two large greenhouses, a number of cold frames, potting shed and individual plots of land.

Skills and resources I/we need

We're currently making efforts to be more envionmentally friendly by reducing our plastic use and improving our composting. Constantly looking forinfo and advice on thise areas, and increasing our veg production.

Activities & Interests

Community Gardening