Tasha Alison

Tasha Alison


Tasha Alison is a three-decade veteran of marketing and research and the President and co-founder of Icebox Ministries, a US charity (iceboxministries.org). An expert food educator and engaging local food advocate, she has been involved in educational initiatives and community-building programs for over ten years. Her current interests include efforts to re-teach lost life-skills and encourage sustainable and biologically diverse foodways. She has a passion for food preservation, including traditional and emerging methods of fermentation. She and her husband moved to Glasgow in March 2018 to work with the Broomhill Church & Community Centre to develop Broomhill Urban Farm and create programs that would benefit the community of Broomhill and beyond.

Skills and resources

Skills and resources I/we can share

I have taught food education classes in the states for over 10 years - canning, healthy frugal cooking, fermentation and other forms of preservation and I'm so excited about sharing this knowledge with our new family at Broomhill.

Skills and resources I/we need

Help building the community garden at Broomhill Urban Farm, connecting with other like minded folks and building our network.

Activities & Interests

Community Gardening
Home Gardening
Community Meals
Home Cooking
Food Poverty
Food Sovereignty
Food Security