From March 2020 to December 2021, Glasgow Community Food Network was working with groups and organisations to provide food to communities. Our project was split into two strands: Distribution and Community Response. 

On Thursday December 16th 2021, GCFN launched the report, 'Glasgow, Tackling Poverty With a City Plan'

Public sector support often does not adequately meet the needs of families. So, through collective and collaborative work with a host of anti-poverty workers, we have made recommendations for a more resilient local food system for the Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council and Third Sector Partners to consider.

And it's for you too! If you're interested in a better, more equitable and more democratic food system then this report, we believe, will provide some illuminating reading. 

Amongst many things, we hear about proposals to get Universal Basic Income piloted here in Glasgow, we hear about the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers and those with no recourse to public funds and we hear about ways to get better access to food, particularly for those living in areas of multiple deprivation. 

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