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  • Mother Nature's Garden by Jax McAulay

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It was cold and Frosty outside even though it was morning, cloudy grey skies loomed above as winter turns to spring.

Breathing in the nippy air enhanced my senses, my eyes started to explore, silence enlightens my thoughts, hypnotised I imagine I’m so far away in another reality.

Listening to the bird’s whistle, the trees swishing, bees buzzing around the colourful arrays on plants, flowers feast of daily delights.

The rain echo’s like a Tearful Waterfall as Mother Nature weeps over her Earth purifying the Nutrients in our land of plenty, trees stand tall firmly holding onto roots Entwined Clenched like Fists.

A safe haven for our Wildlife and Humankind because without Earth we would never Survive life would decay wither and wilt, no prosperity or Reproduction no future for our descendants As earth holds ont to all elements

Mother nature Echo’s too…

Many thanks to Jax McAulay who wrote this piece in June 2022 and has kindly let us use it here.