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Imagine a truly sustainable food city.  A city where everyone can celebrate fresh, seasonal, local, organic and fair trade food that is delicious, healthy and affordable to all. A city that cares about its residents and the planet. This is what Glasgow Food Policy Partnership is working towards. With your help this could be Glasgow; together we can build a greener, healthier community for all of us.

The Glasgow City Food Plan has been developed by a team comprising Glasgow Food Policy Partnership, Glasgow Centre for Population Health, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Glasgow Community Food Network. 

Over the last 2 years, the food plan team has worked together with over 80 stakeholders to develop actions for the plan which went out to a public consultation from October to December 2020. Responses from individuals and organisations have been taken into account in the final plan. 

The holistic plan aims for everyone in the city to eat healthy, affordable, culturally appropriate Good Food irrespective of where they live, their income or personal circumstances. Good Food is food that is accessible, affordable, tasty and healthy, good for the planet and good for those who work in the food industry. Good Food is good for society, for health, for the environment and for the economy.

Abi Mordin, Chair of GFPP said: I'm really proud to have been part of the team working on the City Food Plan. I'm excited by the whole systems and holistic approach that we've taken, and the collaborative work that has gone into this. We've tried to make sure that the 76 joined up actions will pave the way for Glasgow to be a city where good, healthy, ecologically produced food is affordable and accessible for all”.

For more information or to download the Glasgow City Food Plan click here