Ann Morgan

Befriending Food Experience

Type of Organisation: Community Group

Address: 1/2 157 Crossloan Rd Govan Glasgow G513nr

Tel: 07872 549650


Befriending Food Experience promotes food fun and friendship.We offer a’ dining in’ experience for older and disabled people, cooked in their own homes.A ‘dining out ‘ experience includes sharing food in a community setting/centre with entertainment/board games/music/stories.The food is nutritious,delicious and colourful- Mediterranean/Italian/Traditional and offers vegan and vegetarian options.We are mindful of allergies and dietary restrictions. We are supported by Impact Arts/ Craft Cafe and Elderpark Housing Association. The Befriending element includes outings to concerts, Moogety Garden and community meal,Craft Cafe and home visits.

Skills and resources

Skills and resources I/we can share

Mediterranean cooking.Musicians.DJ.