Chris Trolley

Chris Trolley


I am a MSc Food Security student at the University of Edinburgh, writing my dissertation on short supply chains to the public sector in Glasgow. Working with Glasgow Community Food Network, I am focusing my research on local food procurement and exploring the possibility of increasing the supply of Scottish produce to public sector institutions in Glasgow. The project examines Glasgow’s public sector supply chain, identifying critical points that may offer opportunities to increase local produce consumption in the city. The overall aim is to identify barriers to the supply of local products and produce solutions to increase their consumption in Glasgow. My research includes interviews with stakeholders of the food procurement industry, bringing their expertise together to identify solutions and recommendations to locally source products and encourage the public sector to eat Scottish.

Skills and resources

Skills and resources I/we can share

I have gained extensive knowledge of food security issues through my university education and my research with Glasgow Community Food Network to date.

Skills and resources I/we need

I am interesting in communicating with industry professionals and experts to develop my research further, and understand better the procurement of food to public sector institutions in the city.

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Food Poverty
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