Jacqueline Ferguson

Jacqueline Ferguson


Director at GCFN and an Urban Growing and Community Development Worker in North East Glasgow. I love my job! I started my working life in Clinical Biochemistry at Glasgow Royal where I worked for 8 years before moving into the private sector in a life science company for 17 years. I guess you could say I started to question my own priorities and values when I had a personal crisis in my late thirties… I realised I was happiest on a mountain top or in a wood and I had come from a farming background and grown veg at home so….. I left work, went to university full time to study Environmental Science and Outdoor Education and moved into the third sector in 2011. What started as a passion for our beautiful natural world (I am a munro bagger and road cyclist in my spare time) most certainly has morphed towards environmental and social justice, community development, activism and human rights and a growing frustration at the inequalities in our society. I had been fortunate to always have work and had no experience of our so called welfare and other support systems… my grasp of reality was not accurate (understatement!) and from meeting so many fabulous folk who just wanted to have a better life, and help others have a better life too, I realised that the systems I was 'contributing' to which ‘ cared for folk in their hour of need’ had a lot of ‘ room for improvement’. Over the last 7 years, and following many conversations across a wide demographic of people and situations, I have also come to firmly believe that there are a lot of people out there who have same / similar life experience as myself and when they hear more about what reality is for others they also become frustrated and angry- our job is to harness that frustration and anger and channel it into positive energy and change for our food system and beyond. I could go on but suffice to say I am here to work with others who want to see change for the greater good. We have food banks in the 6th richest economy in the world….. it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that that is not right on so many levels… it does take a group of like minded people to change that.

Skills and resources

Skills and resources I/we can share

Growing, community development, volunteer recruitment and support, network development

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Always something to learn!

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Community Gardening
Market Gardening
Home Gardening
Community Meals
Home Cooking
Access to Land
Food Poverty
Food Sovereignty
Food Security
Environmental Issues
Support Service