Sarah Smith

And Sow it Grows Local

Type of Organisation: Business

Address: Lodestone, Dumbarton Studios 14 Meadowbank Street Dumbarton G82 1SD

Tel: 07846204428


We are a micro business, based in Dumbarton, growing microgreens for our local Neighbourfood Markets and other very local businesses. Microgreens are tiny vegetables, grown from seed and harvested between 7 and 14 days after germination (larger than a ‘sprout’ and smaller than a ‘baby leaf’). They are packed full of nutrients and vitamins and flavours range from mild and nutty to spicy. Our fundamental ethos is to produce high quality food, grown very close to where it will be consumed, in a sustainable way, that uses the smallest possible amount of resources. We do this by indoor, vertical farming, (repurposing a disused office), using very small amounts of energy (LED lighting), minimal water, space and time. We only use organic certified seeds, in organic Soil Association vegan approved peat-free compost, and feed them with natural micronutrients (liquid seaweed) plus all our packaging is compostable.

Skills and resources

Skills and resources I/we can share

Teaching how to grow your own produce at home.

Skills and resources I/we need

Looking for collaborations with other like-minded individuals.

Activities & Interests

Community Gardening
Market Gardening
Home Gardening
Community Meals
Home Cooking
Commercial Production
Food Poverty
Food Security
Environmental Issues