Mark Fitzpatrick (he/him)



Working Groups

GFPP City Plan Project Team

GFPP Procurement WG

Scottish Food Coalition

GCFN Project Employed On

Cash First in Glasgow's Community Food Sector


Usually Monday Friday 9 till 5pm

Expertise and Interests

Mark worked at the Scottish Government in the Press Office before moving on to be a Grants Officer at the Food Industry Division. He then went on to be an advisor for The Carbon Trust, UK’s national non-domestic carbon reduction agency at the time. More recently Mark gained a Postgrad in Community Learning & Development (Uni of Glasgow) studying environmental networks with RSPB Glasgow. This is where Mark met Glasgow Food Policy Partnership which led to supporting the setup of GCFN. He has run the Veg Cities campaigns, supported research and policy work, ran Covid Response projects and sit on various working groups supporting GCFN’s development and strategy.