John Meechan (he/him)

Treasurer, Board of Directors

Working Groups

GCFN Finance

GCFN Membership

GFPP Food Education


Weekday evening

Expertise and Interests

John is GCFN's Treasurer, so he works closely with GCFN's Finance Officer and is involved in all things finance (including the Finance WG). He is also part of the Membership WG, so is interested in growing and strengthening the organisation through membership engagement and feedback. John's work with the Glasgow City Food Plan focuses on food education: he leads the Food Education WG, and also works as a chef lecturer at Forth Valley College.

John came to GCFN from a cooking background - he has been a chef and baker for most of HIS life, so HIS passion for food largely comes from wanting to feed people and improve access to healthy, sustainable food: community meals, local sourcing and reducing food waste are all up his street. John is also really interested in growing and composting but is very much a beginner!