A number of people working in community food in Glasgow said that one of the things they would like would be a space to hang out together and speak about what's going on for them. A place without a set agenda where we can each share, cry, celebrate and commiserate. A place to learn from each other and support each other in our work. What have we found inspiring so far this year? And what have we found challenging?

In response we have set up regular informal meet ups which take place in The Project Cafe. Whatever your involvement in community food, you are invited to come along for a chinwag. There is no cost to attend the event but we have been taking donations for the venue to cover their costs.

You don't need to have anything prepared and there's no pressure to share anything at all - it's fine to come along and hang out with us!

Next event:

Thursday 27th February 7-9pm at The Project Cafe, 134 Renfrew St.

Register here