Type of Organisation: Charity

Address: 257, london rd London Road g401pe

Tel: 07977479121


arts community charity our aims to bring events all the arts into the community that has none to help the community find there own arts program to support the community learn to take control of there own future we offer self-learning to all , great health food clothing furniture place to just be warm safe we see this as essential as people who are fighting daily for bread alone fighting daily against crime poverty abuse addiction then need to find safety food and play for there kids them self then the arts can help with expression in art , dramas music teaching open mike and so on at this time we give free space to all the disabled community to dance to play learn music citizen ship community development ,arts for all .first fighting poverty of mind body by offering allthe above

Skills and resources

Skills and resources I/we can share

self help well being service ,arts classes arts space for rent,community space for free to show case all community drams arts for all

Skills and resources I/we need

funding manger ,volunteers manger to help ,arts teachers volunteers. communiy manger to bring community together,

Activities & Interests

Community Meals
Access to Land
Food Poverty
Food Security
Environmental Issues
Support Service