David McDiarmid

David McDiarmid


I've an art background however I'm a massive food nerd. I read the likes of René Redzepi's A Work In Progress Journal for fun, enjoy cooking and baking (and perfecting my sourdough game) and run an art initiative called Artists' Tuck Shop which aims to help artists boost income from their be art practices with a particular interest in working with artists who cook/bake. ATS stocks and sells artworks as well as homemade snacks and provides a catering service managed by me, to help support artists.

Skills and resources

Skills and resources I/we can share

Experience in a Co-Director role for an arts organisation 2014-2018. Over 8 years experience working in hospitality, 3 of which in management for a restaurants. Piles of random food knowledge.

Skills and resources I/we need

Professional Cheffing/cooking experience, wish to learn as much as I can about food production and distribution I'm Glasgow as I can! Meet and work with like-minded food lovers

Activities & Interests

Community Gardening
Home Gardening
Home Cooking
Commercial Production
Food Poverty
Food Sovereignty
Food Security
Environmental Issues