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Information for groups shielding for 12 weeks

Those groups at higher risk of contracting COVID 19, and/or with underlying health conditions, have been or will be receiving a letter from their GP/hospital/social care services or the government respectively instructing them to not leave the house for 12 weeks.

If you do not have money and/or a network to buy food there is an opt-in service to be provided with a parcel of food to the door each week from the Scottish Government via Glasgow City Council (GCC). This parcel will be dried food supplemented with fresh food. GCC is using budget from Scottish Government to offer the same to-door service of dried and fresh food to those otherwise vulnerable and not on shielded list and not able to buy or source food including people with disability, over 70, income insecure and/or self isolating.

Please contact Glasgow City Council (0141 276 1185) (operational 09:00 - 17:00 hours 7 days a week) to opt-in to this. National Company Brakes has been given a contract to deliver food to the door. If you believe you should be on the shielded list and have not yet received your letter please contact Glasgow City Council. If a neighbour or friend has not yet received their letter please support them to call Glasgow City Council.

Additional support available

If someone needs financial support e.g. struggling with bills or waiting for universal credit to come through they can register with the Scottish Welfare Fund via Glasgow City Council for help. If you or your organisations can offer feedback on your experience using this system please email [email protected].

If you know people of any age that are not on the shielded list with critical health conditions but are otherwise vulnerable or income insecure and in need of help with food, medical supplies  or needing remote social contact please ask them to (or support them to) call  or visit the website of Glasgow Helps (0141 345 0543), Covid Mutual Aid Glasgow (01412807025) or for those over 70 that can pay for a meal or shopping delivery service Food Train (0141 423 1722) are also offering support for older people, email them at: [email protected].

Other Useful Resources

British Gas Energy Trust 

Tel. 0121 348 7797


‘Both British Gas customers and non-customers can apply for grants to clear domestic gas and electricity debts owed to British Gas or suppliers other than British Gas.’

Money Matters

Tel. 0141 445 5221 for appointments

Email: [email protected]


‘Do you have gas or electricity arrears? Are you paying off fuel debt through a pre-payment meter? If so then we can assist you to make an application to:

• get a grant to pay off your energy debts owed to your gas and electricity supplier

• get a grant for other essential costs.’

Glasgow Life

Offer essential Universal Credit application support by phone (0808 169 9901) to make an appointment.

Ability Net 

Tel. 0800 048 7642 (Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm)


‘Offering advice and support with a variety of tasks such as how to set-up video calls to talk to family and friends, how to do online shopping and use other online services.’